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C h a m b e r   W o r k s 

Gen'ei no Mai    for flute & clarinet (2002)

Entr'acte    for solo clarinet (2003)

Shadow Tree    for alto flute & guitar (2004)

Fire in Spring    for flute & oboe (2005)

Petroushka Dreams    for clarinet, cello & piano (2006)

First Light    for wind quintet (2008)

The Poems to Come    for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, & piano (2008)

Komoriuta    for clarinet & piano (2012)

Brain Freeze    for wind quintet (2012)

Beauty from Forgetfulness    for piano trio (2012)

Cello Etude    from the opera Rosetta's Stone (2013)

South Albany Street    for two guitars (2013)

Song of the Hermit Thrush    for soprano & five instruments (2013)

Tres Canciónes y Danzas    for guitar (2016)

Pine Hollow Bestiary    for string  quartet (2016)

Capricci    for flute & piano (2016)

A Door into Summer    for string quartet (2017)

Night Streets   for trumpet, horn & double bass or trombone (2017)

Heart's Desire   for viola & piano (2018)

Dust and Shadows   for violin & piano (2019)

V o c a l   W o r k s 

Two Songs on American Poetry    for voice & piano (1976)

Renaissance Songs    for voice & piano (1976)

Yeats Songs    for baritone & piano (1977)

The Hippocampus' Monologue    from Rosetta's Stone (2013)

Rosetta's Aria    from Rosetta's Stone (2016)

The League of Minor Characters    for soprano & piano (2017)

K e y b o a r d   W o r k s 

Chorics    for piano (2001)

A Twelve-Step Rag   for piano (2002)

Emergence    for organ (2010)

After the Rapture—Just Me and the Cat    for piano (2011)

Conversations in the Garden    for piano four-hands (2011)

Three Sonatinas    for piano (2014)

Ritornello    for piano four-hands (2017)

Saltarello    for piano four-hands (2017)

Egress This Way    for piano four-hands (2017)

This Silver Minute of Evening   for piano (2019)

E n s e m b l e   W o r k s 

Concerto for Wind Quartet & Orchestra (2004)

Divertimento    for wind orchestra (2006)

I Fiori di Seta    for flute, alto flute & strings (2006)

Thurber Country    for chamber orchestra (2012)

A Death in Wyoming    for three synthesizers (2000)

Entrance of the Irregulars   for double brass choir (2018)

F o r   Y o u n g e r   P e r f o r m e r s

Pine Hollow Bestiary    for string orchestra (2014)

Masques    for symphonic band (2014)

In 3    for symphonic band (2014)

O p e r a s 

Quantum Mechanic    a chamber opera in one act (2007)    WEBPAGE

Trifles    a chamber opera in one act (2010)    WEBPAGE

Rosetta's Stone    a chamber opera in two acts (2015)    WEBPAGE

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