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V i d e o

Scene 1--In the Sheriff's office
Scene 2--The kitchen of John Wright's farmhouse, early the next morning

Excerpt from TRIFLES
Thompson Street Opera Company

May 29-31, 2015

Louisville, Kentucky


Premiere Performance

June 17, 2010

Live Oak Theatre

Berkeley, California


   Henry Peters              Nathaniel Kondrat
   Mrs. Peters                 Maria Mikheyenko  

   County Attorney        Michael Desnoyers
   Lewis Hale                  Nathan Marken
   Mrs. Hale                    Alexandra Jerinic


            Suzanne Rublein         Flute

            Nora Adachi                 Clarinet

            David Ryther                Violin

            Ilana Matfis                  Viola

            Joan Hadeishi              Cello

            Keisuke Nakagoshi     Piano

            Martha Stoddard        Conductor

Scene 3--Knotting the quilt

Scene 4--Unspoken

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